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About our Group

WESAR Post 278 has been in operation in Thurston County since 1977. The Group has been involved in over 200 search missions all over Western Washington. Other activities we are involved in are: parking lot attendants, electric car races, sand bagging during floods, evidence searches, etc.

The group relies on donations to cover the cost of operating.

We are affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America but our members are from both genders. You must be at least 14 years old to join.

Getting Involved


Our group meets every other Monday night for classroom training and 3-5 weekends annually for outdoor training. New members begin training in September of each year. Some of the topics being taught are: Search and Rescue Skills, Wilderness Survival, Wilderness Navigation, First Aid/CPR, Subject Care and Evacuation, Helicopter Training, and Man Tracking. Outdoor training is usually conducted at Camp Thunderbird near Summit Lake. Monday night meetings are held at the Thurston County ECC on Tilley Road in Olympia. If you are coming from 93rd Ave and head South on Tilley, use the FIRST gate on your right. If you are heading North on Tilley (say from Millersylvania area) use the THIRD gate on your left.

Feel free to visit one of our meeting, meet new people, and ask any questions you may have. Driving directions are available at the right. Meetings begin at 7:00pm.

An orientation meeting is held every September to acquaint new members with our schedule and equipment they will need.



For driving directs to the Thurston County ECC where we have our weekly meetings, click the red title above.

For driving directions to Camp Thunderbird, click the red title above.


For either map, when you click on it and on the map the "pin point" of the location of either the Grange, or Camp Thunderbird, right click and select either "Directions From Here", or "Directions To Here".